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Salt Bars


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I am wanting to use Grumpy's salt bar recipe that I found in the arcives..

Grumpy's is for 32 oz. of oils...

I have Tog's new Mold It will hold 40oz. of oils..

Would there be anyone that could help me recalculate this recipe to

fit my mold..PM me if you can..I am just having a terrible time with

the soap calc..:mad:

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I have come up with some #,s does this look right??

for 40 oz. oils needed

coconut 28oz

Crisco 2oz.

Babassu 2oz.

Palm 2oz.

Olive 4oz.

Shea Butter 2oz.

Water 15.2 oz

Lye 6.49 oz.

and salt the same amount as the oils..

another question if my mold will hold 40 of oils, and I add 40 oz. of

salt..do I need to cut this recipe in half...I am using the new divider tog mold...

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For a 40oz batch, you're going to want to cut that recipe down to 20oz of oils and use 20oz of salt at super light trace to reach your 40oz total.

Coconut 14oz/70%

Crisco 1oz/5%

Babassu 1oz/5%

Palm 1oz/5%

Olive: 2oz/10%

Shea Butter: 1oz/5%

Water 8.18oz

Lye 3.30oz at 6%SF

Run it through soap calc or soapmaker to double check your lye and water values.

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Thank you Grumpy and Jben....

My mold is wooden and has a lid..should I put it in the oven..

Also when do I add the salt..Do I pretty well follow the guidelines of CP soap making?

I love your salt bars Grumpy..I bought one, and love that they are larger size..

I don't have any colorants yet..so I am going to

do what Eugiena used for color in her Soap Class...use Parsley Flakes...

Thanks again...

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I made salt bars once. I added the salt at a very thin trace. It will thicken really fast! I also put it in the oven and check it every 15 minutes. I cut it as soon as it would hold a cut mark but I left it in the mold. If I understand correctly if you wait too long to cut it, the soap is as hard as a rock and will crumble.

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Thanks Gran. jbren is without a doubt the salt bar master in my book and who I learned from in the beginning when I first started making these things. What she says is gold in my opinion.

All I can help you with is what I've tried and what works for me. You'll have to adjust to suit yourself on salt/oil ratio. For me, 50/50 works. I'm not familiar with the TOG molds but in a 9 bar Kelsea, I used the recipe size you posted originally with sucess. The recipe I use is different but the basics remain the same.

I add salt at light trace if it's a fast moving fragrance oil or light/medium any other time. I follow basic CP rules when I do mine and consider the salt as an additive in my mind and don't pay it too much special attention personally.

I prefer mine in the oven, but with the mold I use I can't fit it in there now.

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I do have a class coming up for those dates. If you guys don't pass out on me we're going to go for 6-10 color swirl in a standard salt bar recipe. I haven't decided how much I want to stress nerves yet. :D

I'm not sure what Eugenia did because I haven't even looked at her class, but my class will be catered very much to my personality and will have a TON of photos with focus on how to achieve the multi color swirl without passing out or hyperventilating in the process. I'm pretty basic when it comes to the way I teach and I always take a simple approach. I will spend a little time on the basic way that I do my own salt bars and the process that works for me. You can always skip over the color swirl part in multiples and just stick with one basic color for it all or a single swirl instead. The end result will still be the same... salt bars!

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Thanks for the nice words, Grumpy...I've made many a batch ....but I don't profess to being a master. I gleaned a lot of information from "the" master (in my eyes) Iben at the SoapDish, who was making these things way before any of us heard of them. However, I'm glad that I was able to steer you in the right direction!

They are fun to make, and when people finally realize what they are and how nice they feel...they like them. But they are definitely not for everyone, as with everything we make.

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I think salt bars are so easy to make. I always add my salts at trace and use the same amount of salts as I have oils and butters. My Kelsie mold makes it so easy to unmold them too.

You gals teaching these classes are brave. They asked me, but I don't have the time and would be a nervous wreck from worry I would not do a good job or present the material in a way that can be understood. Good luck to you GG. I bet you do just as good job as e! You both are very talented soapers.

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Oh my goodness..I didn't know there was a salt bar class coming up..:yay:

I might just wait for that, and make mine then...

Jben, Thanks for your help too..I didn't know you were the salt bar

master...I have not been on this forum long enough to know..

But I learn something every day..

Grumpy why don't you let us know what we might need for the class, so if we don't have it we can get it ordered....

Like me I don't have any colors...and really don't know for sure what to buy..

I am just jumping for joy:yay: I can't wait for this class..

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I would put the lid on for about 15 minutes, then remove it. I would use about 32 ounces of total oils, and about 24 ounces of Kosher or sea salt. These TOG Molds are so well insulated since they are full 3/4" thick wood plus the liners also insulate. No need to put them into the oven at all. The salt added at emulsification, and hand stirred a few times, then pour. These will get super hot, almost like potatoes from the oven. After about 1 hour, check to see how the bars are doing. Since this is a divider mold, there is no need to worry about when to cut like in a log or a regular slab. This is the perfect mold for said salt bars! Thanks 8Grains! Tell me/us how they turn out!


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You gals teaching these classes are brave. They asked me, but I don't have the time and would be a nervous wreck from worry I would not do a good job or present the material in a way that can be understood. Good luck to you GG. I bet you do just as good job as e! You both are very talented soapers.

Any time you're ready you know we'd love to have ya! I bet you'd be great as a teacher. Jbren too.

Don't mind me! Always looking for teachers ;)

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Thanks for the information Soap Man..

So you don't think I need to wrap in a towel either???

What do I look for in 15 min? and then do I leave to lid off..

I have my oils and lye cooling right now..

So how long can I leave them in the mold before unmolding?

No, not necessary to insulate any of my TOG Molds!

I'd put the top on for about 15 minutes then peek to see if it has came to full gel. If in full gel, remove top and let cool. After most of the heat has dissipated, (could be 5 to 8 hours) place top back on mold, turn bottom of mold up-side-down and the liners and soap will fall onto the top.

Remove the liners by "peeling" them off the sides and bottom of slab or soap. Gently remove each bar from the dividers by gently shaking each bar loose from the Plexiglass dividers. Your done! 12 perfect shaped salt bars!

No need to ever wash the TOG Mold under running water! Simply wipe down with a warm rag or washcloth and let thoroughly dry. Simply rinse the liners under warm water while rubbing by hand or with a light action of a washcloth. Do not wash or dry in the dishwasher. After mold and liners are dry, your ready to soap again. Oh, there are 4 side liners in that mold. @ of them are a tad bit longer than the other 2. After putting in the bottom liner, put both the longer liners on opposite sides of the mold, while the 2 shorter ones insert on opposite sides from each other. That's it!


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Gran, myself I've noticed that while they do seem to move fast after adding the salt, it really doesn't... it's the addition of the heavier weight additive (salt) that makes it seem to be tracing faster when in fact, it's just stiffer due to the dry ingredient that is added. You should have time (depending on the FO you use and whether or not it truly accelerates) to do a swirl no problem, just like CP. It just will have a different fluidity to it than you're used to with CP.

I've never had luck with anything other than UN-iodized table salt either. Anything else at any other ratio but 50/50 for me personally never turns out. It may work for you though if you try it.

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They'll look kinda translucent and it usually starts in the middle of the mold and works out. They get soft too but harden back up right afterwards. If they don't gel, don't worry, it's still soap. I've had salt bars that never gelled and they were just as good as the ones that did gel.


Sometimes mine don't gel IN the oven for up to an hour. As soon as they do and get hard again you can take them out of the mold hot. Just make sure they're solid.

Gran, I've poured my soap at a trace so light it looked like milk. It's all good, it's still soap.

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