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OOB Reviews for KY Candle


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Just got my new oils in today... and I am very pleased. First time ordering from Vickey... and talk about fast shipping!!! I ordered two days ago!

Lavender Vanilla- Just the right balance between the two. Very nice OOB.

Moonlight Magic (VS type)- Very clean, light, and refreshing

Midnight Pomegranate- WOWSERS! Awesome OOB... I can't wait to CP this!

Downy Rose & Violet- oh man I wish I made candles! This would make an awesome candle! Probably a great bar of soap too!

Raw Cocoa- Very STRONG.... just like opening a real can of Hershey's Baking Cocoa... after sniffing for a while... it almost smells.... umm... burnt. Burnt Chocolate. Hopefully it changes when I CP it...

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Just rec'd an order yesterday from them lol! Also all OOB--

Agree w/ Midnight Pom--awesome!

Red Tea--smells 'very' good! Slightly fruity--the best tea scent I've smelled to date

Southern Vanilla--not too buttery OOB, moderate strength, am curious to see how it does in my 6006

Gardenia--pretty floral scent--not overly sweet, which I like

Won't get to test them for a couple of weeks, though:( Very busy the next week then going out of town for a few days:)

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