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C-3 with a gritty testure???

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Sorry, the title was supposed to say "texture," but I can't edit it! LOL! Anyway, does anyone know what might cause a gritty texture in my C3 candles? I was using a presto pot, so I poured 3 different scents from the same batch of melted wax and only one of these scents came out gritty. Could the FO be the culprit? Here is the technique I used:

2 lb C3

3 T CO

2 T White Beeswax Pellets (JBN)

1 t USA

1/2 t USI

4 drops yellow

4 drops red

2 oz CS Pumpkin Souffle

Melt wax to 150* in Presto Pot, then add CO, BW, USI, & USA. Bring up to 175* then pour into pouring pot, add color and stir. Cool to 155* add FO, cool to 130* & pour into lightly warmed containers.

I used the exact same technique with 2 other scents with no problem. However I did a separate batch of melted wax in the PP & had the same result on a different FO. CS Cinnamon Buns. The other FOs I used came from differnt suppliers, but I thought CS has a good reputation so surely it couldn't be them, just a coincidence. :confused: I am stumped! These scents are both DELECTABLE and I would like to continue to try to make them work for me. Has anyone else used these specific FOs that could offer some input? Or can anyone see what I am doing wrong? And if it is my technique, why are my others not affected?

TIA for any advice you might have!

Mary <><

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I know that if an FO contains vanilla, that vanilla can crystallize out. IF you look at the bottle do you see those crystals in there?

Thanks so much for your input! I will look at the bottle when I get home today. However, it is not what I would consider "crystalized" but more the true texture of cooked grits or polenta. Soft tiny lumpy grits. Squishable in between your fingers.


Thanks, I will try another test with C3 only. I love the creamy texture that the BW adds, but I will give it a go and see what happens. In the back of my mind I was thinking that it might be the USA or the USI (even tho I know the USA is supposed to help smooth out) until I poured the other batches with no problems. :confused: Still confused.

Mary <><

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Yep. Been there, done dat, felt that grit. I do think it is FO related, but your problem is that the kind of crystals that are developing ain't the ones you want.

Here's what I would try:

I would drop the beeswax from the equation.

Add ALL your ingredients except FO and dye to the cold pot before you turn it on.

Heat on up to 180°, stirring intermittently until everything is all nice and melted and the wax is clear.

Add FO and turn off the pot. Stir gently until the wax reaches the total slush stage.

Turn the pot back on and add dye.

Stir continuously and gently. Slowly raise the temp to pouring temp.

Pour and cool slooowly in a warm, dry, draft-free area with plenty of circulation all around the containers (including the bottom).

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I would definitely heat the wax to a higher temp 180-190 especially if you have additives going into it that we don't seem to be able to find out the meltpoint of. C3 can be heated up to 200, but they say not to hold it at 200 for prolonged periods, so don't be afraid to heat it. That fo may have needed a higher temp to bind to the wax.

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