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Another Golden Brands Q

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Hi all! I am new here. Been making candles for awhile now. I used to use KY 125 and I love that wax. I tried EZSoy and the KY equivalent (GB Pure Soy?) and HATE THEM in comparison to KY 125.

I believe KY 125 is very similar to GB 135 but couldn't swear to it. It's a Soy cottonseed blend. Anyway - I would love to find a supplier that is closer to home as much as I hate to change suppliers. Vicky and the KY staff are tops! BUT -shipping costs are killing me.

I can't find anyone selling GB 135 but I see a lot of you are using GB 464 with good results. Closer to home I can find GB 444. Besides the melting point - what differences are there between 444 and 464? And does anyone know a supplier of GB 135?

Thanks tons...


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