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UGH! Metal pillar mold...

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After 20 years doing this... I just did the dumbest thing.

Let's take bets as to the outcome.

Wax: 140F MP Straight Paraffin

Additives: Vybar & Stearic Acid

Ambient temp in room: 75F (approx.)

get ready here's the killer. Poured into alum. metal molds with wax at only 170F +/-



We're talking about 3x9 aluminum metal molds, racked side by side, with 1" between each row....

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx< side by side, touching

-----------------------------------------------<1" between each row

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx< side by side, touching


I usually pour @ 208-210F

So... what do you think the outcome will be? I'm voting for "rustic" (read: ruined) tops since the mold will never heat enough to get a smooth finish...

Let's here you guys call it...

What do you think the outcome will be?


P.S. can you tell how pee'ed off I am that I drew a picture! :(

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Depending on how fast you poured them I dont think they will come out "too" bad. Over 200F would be better of course but 170 might not be bad if there were enough bunched together to keep them all warm. 3x9 molds hold a good amount of wax I think you might just come out alright.


Well i just noticed you dont use tin molds so that might be more of a problem but I still would give it a 50/50 chance of them being ok.

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Not that *I* have ever done a bone headed move like that, but....umm....my friend (yes there we go) might have done something similar. She said she used the heat gun mainly on the bottom of the molds. (top of the candle) and tapped the bubbles up. You need to work all the way around the mold tapping as you heat it up. You need to be careful not to over heat the molds or depending on your wax then you can get fingernailing.

Karen B

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