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Can an FO still smell....


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strong OOB and lose it's 'ooommph' once in a candle?

I ask because I poured some candles with one of my tried and true FO's and am getting no throw. I've had the FO since Jan or Feb and the candles I poured at that time threw big time. The recent ones I've poured with the same FO are very weak if throwing at all...same bottle of FO and still smells powerful OOB...just wondering...maybe I have candle nose!

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I think the more we pour, the more we get candle nose. I swear scents don't smell as strong to me when I pour them but others say differently. Perhaps you can give them to your testers and see what they say but given that you've had the oil since Jan/Feb, I think you might have a case of candle nose.

Ugh, it gets us sooner or later!

Hang in there!

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