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Hmmm, I just placed an order with both of them but ordered the OMH from SW. Just checked OM's site and they're cheaper than both of them. Guess I'll check theirs out on the next round. Thanks for the info. Anything else you recommend from OM? I haven't ordered from them before but am willing to spend my money there too. LOL.

Kid's are crying and asking why they don't have food. That's easy I tell them, your soap smells good now stop that sniveling. J/K :laugh2::laugh2:

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I love OM but I also love SW and OT.

From OM, I highly recommend the Goddess.


Peach and Lotus

Green Tea (also the best out there)

Bacci de Miele

Blackberry Vanilla Musk

Sandlewood Rose


I've only used the Goddess in soy - great throw at 8%. The rest of the FOs I use in soap and B&B. I've used a few others as well but cant think of all of them right now.

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