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If you could only choose ONE wax.....


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Which one would it be? I am having a heck of a time deciding what wax I want to use. I have done a boat load of research, think I have it figured out, and then read something else and change my mind. Haha!

Here's my criteria:

  • Must have excellent scent throw hot & cold
  • Must be one pour
  • I do NOT want to have to add any additives
  • Soy or Paraffin are ok--no immediate preference, though leaning towards Paraffin.

So.....what's your top pick and why? :)

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So far I like IGI 4627. It's one pour if I warm up my jars (sometimes I have to heat gun the top of it...but that's easy), it holds color beautifully, great hot throw and cold throw, minimal wet spots..... My only problem is that wicking it is hell. But the wicking part has been most difficult with all the waxes I have tried.

Now to get to this point.... I have been through 4 waxes now. 1 soy, 1 soy/paraffin blend, and another paraffin container wax.... now the 4627.

You may find that you are like me (and many others) and go through several waxes before you decide 100%.

I am not even sure if I will stick with this wax 100%... haha.... but I will have fun trying to figure it out!


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Absolutely love the Farmhouse 50/50- easy as can be, works well w/ lots of scents, one pour (I do slow cool, otherwise I can potentially get some frosting-nothing major- and a slight wax "nipple" around my wick, which is gone as soon as someone lights it up!) Few wet spots, great load capacity, and cold, hot throw!

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