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Have to brag about my new Soap Molds


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I know a lot of you on here are getting into the no liner molds, but I have to tell you about this mold maker I found on ebay. I just received two new wooden log molds and they are beautifully crafted. This guy has sanded these so smoothly and even covered up the nail heads and seams with wood putty. I didnt know what to expect at first cause they were pretty darn cheap, but the quality blew me away.

He even makes ones like Misty Creek and great cutting blades as well.

Here are the molds I got.


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I would recommend a wooden log mold if you are first starting out.

They gel faster than slabs, and are less expensive. That way you invest less, until of course, you decide you LOVE soapmaking. These molds seem very cheap, wow! But I HATE lining molds. With a passion.

Down the road, both styles are good to have on hand.

I will be getting this one delivered tomorrow or Thurs:


Can't wait to try it! :)

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