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A word of advice

Tall Blonde

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If you use a trash bag to line your wooden mold, make sure that if said trash bag has any printing on it to have the printed side down facing the inside of the mold and not up facing your soap.

And I suck at salt bars. I made 2 this weekend and they did not work out at all. Fortunately they're great for shredding and adding into another soap base to make a confetti soap.

I doubt I'll make another salt bar.

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Yeah, it was really pretty funny. I lifted the soap out and right down the middle my soap was printed. Fortunately, the way I cut my soap I was able to make the printed part the small sample size which for this batch I'll either keep or give to my family. Lesson learned!

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If you have individual M&P molds try pouring your salt bars into them. This is the only way I'm doing my salt bars now. Its so easy to get them out and that look so spa like depending on your mold. I don't insulate my soaps so this isn't a problems for me. I let them sit in the molds for a few day, then pop them into the freezer for awhile. They fall right out of the molds and best of all NO cutting!!!

Give it another try :)

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