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OK, I was walking past a Bath & Body Works this evening and decided to go check this out and...... I love it! I'm still sniffing my arm. I also tried 'Warm Vanilla Sugar' and it turned to crap plastic on me, but VBN is still sweet and yummy. I'm definitely getting some of this FO now!


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I don't have any problem wicking it. It takes the same wick as 95% of my scents. Do not overwick this oil.

Me either, how wierd that you're having a hard time with it. :confused:

Also, I haven't soaped this yet, but I have made lotion with it, and it did NOT discolor my lotion. I don't know if this was a fluke, but I was so dang excited! I posted about it here, and everyone else said it discolors for them, so maybe it was just a fluke. ??

I'll be making more lotions and gels with it soon, so i guess I'll find out!

TCS has the BEST VBN-it used to be Wendy's which is from whom I got mine. ;)

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I love VBN in a candle.... great thrower in CBL125 and I think it throws in pretty much every wax from what I've read!

I tried it in soy whip and it did turn a brownish gray.... fugly, but it still smelled fabulous! I'll have to try it in my body souffle and see if it turns fugly.

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