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Wicking C3, USA


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Hi all,

I am so happy, I just received the USA today. I have been anxiously waiting to start testing again. It's been raining all day (4+ inches) but I had to drive to Post Office, lol, I couldnt wait to start. :smiley2:

I noticed that I was low on wicks. I do have a sample pack of Ecos and and waiting on some Premier 700 samples.

My question is, if Im using jj's which wicks are more common to use. I do need to place another order, I'm running low. :cry2:

I'm guessing: Eco 8 and 10's. any input would be greatly appreciated.



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tya for the replies,

I just made 2 different scents using 6 oz jj's.

1) I heated 8 oz of C3 /1/2TBP of USA , to about 180

I added 5% of FO (Gypsy Rose, JBN) @ 170

poured @ 140, used ECO 6 (guess not big enough)

I set them in warm (off) oven. After about an hour in the oven, they where still liquid (oops), so I put them in the laundry room where I have cured others.

2) C3/USA same way

added 6% of FO (LStar Honeysuckle) @ 170

poured @ 140, used ECO 8

set in laundry room (not doing laundry)

house temp was about @ 77 degrees when poured both.

Yikes, they both look like they sinking by the wick. Did I add to much USA? Do I need to have a higher temp to incorporate this addative?

OMG, I just looked again, it looks like a frozen lake with a hole in it and I could see the liquid.:laugh2: That's perty bad, I've never seen this happen. hmmmm


I'm going to try the eco 10 in a few minutes, 1/2 pint or 6 oz jj.

8 oz C-3, 1/2 tbp usa, 6% FO

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I use C3...1 TBSP USA/lb of wax, 1 oz FO from JBN, regardless of scent, and all cotton square braid wicking. These wicks you wick up a size from what you think it might be, generally. I've also recently been adding 1-2 tsp of coconut oil per pound of soy. I'm here in San Diego county...obviously a very dry area-wildfires all over today. Luckily my home is safe for the moment. but I don't have the humidity problem, so I can't comment on that. I do use the diamond color chips, usually one chip per pound. Good luck!

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ty stella, what do you mean by cooking longer, eh? do I need to start off at a higher temp? and yes, I bumped :confused:

(I wish we can talk some day, since our weather is the same) Do you use CO?

Stella, what sizes CDN's do you normally use with 6 oz JJ's. I'm sticking to 1 size jar untill I get this close to right.

ty lanternmama, I've been reading about the CO in forum. I was going to get some today at wally world, but again its been raining and hasn't stopped yet. It sounds like, other than CO, the formula I have been following.

you said all cotton braid wicks, are they from JBN also?

lanternmama, I was thinking about you today watching the news, was hoping we can send you all this rain. I'm glad to hear y'all are doing good.:)

Thanks again ladies for the input,


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