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where to find "tartburner" "kit"


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I was wondering if anyone knew where to find something like this? This would be a great option from me as people around here really love this kind of look-especially with potpourri in the base?

I did a search but I can't find anything - i'm sure this person lucked out when they found it.


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Thank you so much, i requested wholesaler id, but does anyone know what kind of minimums they have and if any other candle suppliers sell this stuff in smaller quantities?

And what do you think of this kind of warmer compared to ceramic type?


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I just finished making some of these warmers. I really like them. There is alot of work involved making them so make sure you get some instructions because the lighting part is the worst part and time consuming. I posted a picture in the candle gallery if you want to see mine. I highly recommend a large mason jar, because this light base is long, especially if you add potpourri. I still haven't figured out a price but I am thinking about $25-28.00 ea.

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My sil ordered some from Colonial Tin for CHristmas gifts and she set the one she kept for herself up. It looked really nice! If I could afford to keep these in stock for my store, I would, but that isn't an option right now. It is so much nicer than a regular 1 light burner or electric burner.

They reccomend a $50.00 order or higher, due to shipping, but they don't have a minimum order.



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