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candles stuck in molds.....HELP

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hey everyone. i have been trying to pour pillars since last Friday and none of them (tried 12 now) are coming out of the molds.

I'm using pillar pre-blend with fragrance oil, no colour. I want to put pictures onthe outside of the pillars. i did one and it turned out gorgeous (scrap wax with probably tons of vanilla fragrance). it slid right out beautifully and burned nice too.

when i tried to do more they wouldn't come out of the molds. i tried spraying the molds with Pam and Jig-A-Loo, neither worked. i tried adding a little more fragrance and still nothing. i've put them in the freezer, warm water, i've tried everything and they still stay STUCK.

what can i do? will stearic acid help?

Also, my wax supplier is out of all their pillar waxes. if i buy a 10lb of straight parafin, what do i need to add to it?

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not sure what you mean. they have a wick hole. i thread my wick through and then cover up the hole with metal tape, flip upside down and secure my wick with skewers, pour my wax, put my picture in upside down, try to get as many air bubbles out as i can then put it in a water bath to secure the picture, then take out to set the candle. this is exactly what i do for my hurricanes (obviously minus the wick) and i've never had a problem with them. then again i usually scent my hurricanes vanilla and i have a 4 lb melting pot that i just keep adding more wax and more vanilla as i need it.

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Have you removed the tape and putty? With molds that have no holes in them, occasionally the casting will develop mold vacuum. Uncovering the wick hole and blowing into the bottom can sometimes release the vacuum if that is what's causing the problem. :)

I would also suggest using wick pins because when a pillar is tight or is sticking, it gives you something to hold on to to pull the candle out of the mold. ;)

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