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EO Blend - WSP


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I FINALLY got around to making some soap with my Euphoria EO blend from WSP. I used about 1.5% in a 2 lb batch of MP shea soap.

The smell is so faint! I know when I used 1/4 tsp in 4 oz massage oil, the smell really knocked your socks off (which I love). However the smell is rather faint. You can smell it if you shove the soap up your nose, but otherwilse, it's hard to smell!!

I made it last night...so I'm going to take a sniff this morning to see if the smell has aged any. (I've had that happen before w/other eo)

Has this happened to anyone else with the EO blends from WSP in MP soap?

I was kind of :mad: , but I can always up the percentage to the max of 2%.

Updated to add: smell did not get stronger......remelted and added EO blend to the max of 2%. We'll see!

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