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FeBreeze Odor Eliminating Candle?

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So I've been watching the commercial and it shows this scented odor eliminating candle.

The core where the wick is, is white and supposedly the odor eliminator and the outside is the scented part.

My question is: How is this logically possible? Wouldn't the eliminator in the middle eat up the scent from the edges? Thusly wasting the eliminating part and eliminating the scented part?

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Personally I find that they work better if I Microwave them just long enough to get them out of the jar; take out the wick; and break them apart; and put the pieces in a jelly jar on my candle warmer.

Much better throw this way!; and it lasted a week for me...

If you just burn them like a candle, you guys could make them with better throw if you had the FO's...LOL...

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This thread is really ironic!!! I had a family member ask me if I could use Ferbreeze(sic) in a candle. I said I didn't know but would give it some thought. That was a couple of days ago. Then I read this thread and it got me thinking. Why couldn't you use it as an FO and call it something else altogether? I mean buy a bottle of it and use it straight out of the bottle.

Would it mix into the wax like a regular FO? Would it give a decent hot and cold throw?

My opinion on the legal aspects of it is that we all use different scents combined together to come up with scents that we "call our own" and sell them that way. I don't see why we can't do the same with ferbreeze and some other scent like "Spring Water" and call it something like "Morning Rain", or "Summer Breeze" or whatever........

Your thoughts????

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Febreeze is actually almost no FO. It's tons of water, some isopropyl alcohol and a "special ingredient" to help with odors (think baking soda, dissolved). I refill my bottles with water (almost to the top), a slight bit of rubbing alcohol as a preservative and the slightest drop of FO. Since it doesn't incorporate like Febreeze, I have to shake it first, but it works SO much better than febreeze did...

You might be able to find a dupe for some of the actual scents though... although my favorite Febreeze substitute scent is actually not one of their dupes... it's Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedar from BNL via BCN....


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There was a thread on this a while back

Here it is: http://www.candletech.com/forums/showthread.php?t=58051&highlight=candle

Thanks for that, I couldn't figure out for the life of me why that didn't come up in search, then checked my fill box... might helped if I typed FeBreeze right...

Didn't really seem to answer the question though, that if there is an odor eliminating part and a scented part, does it make it self-defeating?

The store bought candles I used for scent were always Glade. Absolutely love some of their scents, though they were never as strong as I wanted.

The only odor eliminating candle I ever had (which DID work) was just that. It wasn't scented at all.

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