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Peppermint candle?

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I have a very pepperminty FO (Peppermint Ice - OT). Is a straight peppermint candle too much, in your opinion?

If I want to tone it down I do have some Vaniglia del Madagascar (sp?) but wouldn't know how much to add - and does vanilla go brown in candles like in my soaps?

So much to learn!

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Peppermint is great in candles. So refreshing. Nope, vanilla doesn't go brown in wax unless you make it brown.

Trick for combining scents ... Q-tips, cotton balls etc. Put different FOs on them and toss in a baggy. Come back later and smell. 2:1 ratios ... two tips or balls to 1, etc.

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I love peppermint! I just made a huge pour of red chunks covered in white in an apothecary jar and it looks beautiful. I really like how it looks after it burns a little while. So, I guess I like it for 2 reasons- first the smell and second how beautiful it looks while it is burning!!!:yay:


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