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Chocolate Raisin Brownie Bread Rebatch...

beau's mama

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Well, at least that's what it looks like to me LOL. It's scented w/ OT's Hot Cocoa whatever Marshmallow n' stuff.

My very first try didn't come out too bad, I guess. The bottom is just hideous :shocked2: but I'm happy w/ the rest, even those stubborn lil' pieces that just refused to melt! I felt like I was kneading bread dough, but it was actually kinda relaxing. I think next time I'll play w/ it w/ the SB.

Outside of trimming it off, is there anything I can do next time to smooth out the bottom? I tried w/ the back of a big spoon but that only seemed to make it worse...plus the soap started getting hard :laugh2:

Oh yeah, there are some dents in a couple of places :confused: ...I didn't see anything about that when I was reading up on rebatching...what is that all about?

Any who, thanks for looking. Any advice on future rebatching?

Thanks bunches!




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I think you did a great job on the rebatch. I have had that happen as well, the dents but my soap was a dark brown and scented chocolate so they looked like real brownies witht the dents :) and everyone went wild for them. I had one mother who bought some for her son thank me because she said finally it wasn't a fight to get her son to take a bath :laugh2: . He said he loved taking a chocolate bath :yay:

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If your rebatch looks like raisin bread, be thankful!

Mine looked just like cornbread! LOL

I'm glad I rebatched it, cuz I hate to waste stuff, but it's funky, and it still has no scent, so I cubed it up and am using it in different soaps as needed. LOL

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