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Is this the norm?

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I've been doing quite a bit of research lately on Palm Candles,in's and out's of that product.After experimenting with several types of wicks various sizes it's occurred to me that no matter what I've used,there all burning the same leaving walls.

So today I googled a few candle sites that sell the Palm Pillars,read there information/burning instructions.Most mention that Palm Candles do form walls,expect it.

Is that normal procedure?

Ok I'm surprised by that,I can just see me now trying to explain that one to people. :rolleyes2 I'd probably laugh at the blank stares.:confused:

What do all of you think about that? Here's a few links





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Ummmm, Munkey, the tendency for palm wax to form a shell is no secret and has been discussed here a lot. This is because there is a very short period of time between which the wax changes state from a liquid to a solid - not much "soft" in-between time. Secondly, palm wax is a hard wax and more powdery than is soy wax or paraffin. It has very little elasticity. Palm wax is just NOT like paraffin or soy wax! This happens with votives, pillars, other shapes. It burns down and out (but very slowly on the "out").

Some folks think that palm wax needs a big ol' flame to burn, but it is actually a very slow burning wax - no need to wick a pillar like a bucket (unless, of course, it's the size of a bucket)! A palm wax pillar seldomly achieves a full melt pool on the first test burn. If it does, you can bet that it will blowout before its reached the end! ;)

Keep reading - it's GOOD for ya! :)

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