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EO Help:Good for skin Bad for Skin


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PA's site works for me...

There are tons of EOs, and a lot of things to consider (sensitization, irritation, toxicity, photosensitization, and the finer lines like pregnancy contraindications, etc) though there are only a few you should absolutely avoid.

Some of the staples are like lavender, rosemary, peppermint, sweet orange, geranium, tea tree, cedarwood, tea tree... then you have the ultra-expensive ones like german/roman chamomiles, ylang ylang, rose...

With some research you'll eventually be familiar with what EOs do for the skin :) There are so many skin types it's difficult to narrow it down to "best for".

This is a good list of essential oils you may want to think twice about, though some are only toxic orally.


That site also has good descriptions for essential oils, you may want to browse around further there :)

Another interesting site is http://www.aromaweb.com/essentialoils/default.asp

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PrairieAnnie, that is a very good reference site, I wasn't aware of it before.

Jacqui, in the bibliography section of that site, it lists a book by Julia Lawless. If your library has it, it is worth checking it out to have a look. I found it to be a good guidebook when I was learning about EOs.

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