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Found citric acid at walmart

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Just happen to be walking down the isle next to Cascade, was sitting either a 1 or 2 lb jar of citric acid, BUT it was 18.96. I remember buying it a few years back, but I am thinking it was only $5-6. Even in a pinch, that is WAY too much.

ETA-Whoops just realised I posted this in the wrong place.

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I finally ordered some, added it to an order placed with a company in BC (the other side of the country from me), because I had to get the other stuff anyway and figured the 5 lbs of citric acid wouldn't add tremendously to the shipping cost of my order. Anyway, I recently found out that a friend of mine who rug hooks and dyes wool buys it by the 50 lb bag in Halifax for next to nothing. (It's used in dyeing). She gets it from a wine making supply store. We have a wine making store here too but they sell a teeny bag for about $3.

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