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anyone done the ft knox, ky xmas bazaar?


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I wasn't sure if I should post or not, because when I did this show a few years ago, I was selling dried flower crafts, not candles or bath & body, so your experience might be different. I don't think it would be worth it to you, southernscents, if you had to pay for hotels, etc. The towns nearby are small, and I don't think there is enough traffic to warrant the booth fee. (You're also required to donate a 10.00 item for a raffle) The only people that I saw that seemed to be selling a lot was a fudge vendor-they had lines! There were candle and b&b vendors, and they had lots of lookers, but it didn't seem as though the people were buying much. They do allow Avon, Arbonne, etc. Most of the successful stores in the surrounding area are discount types, so it's hard to get the price for items you could get in a different area. I don't mean this to discourage anyone, just wanted to provide info that would help someone make a decision.

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