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Tilted Everlasting


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Still trying to come up with something that will work for a rustic tilted paraffin everlasting pillar. This one is made with 5055. Poured at 155 - 160 but didn't get any rustic. The tilted layers turned out OK. Testing it tonight to see if the wax around the tea light holder melts. All the ones I've made with 4045H have melted slightly around the tea light insert.

Anyone have any luck getting a rustic with higher melt point wax?


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I tried adding up to 3 T of stearic/lb of 4045H and about 1/4" of wax around the tea light insert still gets hot enough to get soft. I can see where the wax around the tea light insert has changed from rustic to normal colored paraffin. With the 5055 the 1st test looks good. Trying another tea light this afternoon. Had hoped to do them with the rustic affect. That isn't going to happen with 5055. I may try another with 4045H, stearic and translucent additive. Thought the translucent stuff would kill the rustic but you don't know until you try it.

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Sharyly.....your candle looks great and how nice that mg fixed the background for you. I know nothing about "fixing" photos. Anyway....pour the 5055 as cool as you can with the stearic and see what it does. As far as the melting thing there is no way I am going to fool with tea lights or votives anymore since finding the little fuel cells. We have had them in the restaurant now for a few weeks and the canes don't even get warm. The only heat comes from around the wick where the metal hold it in place. They are so much safer because even if the fuel cell gets moved next to the wax it isn't hot. I haven't tried them in an everlasting but I know they would work for that application too. If I had some time to play around I would do one today but I am in the middle of another project....and my studio is a mess.....I can't even walk in there because I had to clean the garage out to make room for the car now that snow is here.

Love, Donita

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