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Are these books good choices?


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I am interested in starting soap making and making my own lotions and such, sometime down the road. I'm looking at around 2 years from now when both babies are in school. But, I want to know what I am doing and have as much understaning as possible of the ingredients and process involved.

I have been reading as much as possible here on CT and I plan to look at millersoap's website too, as I have seen it recommended many times in the soap making threads. But for me, book form is much easier than online, sometimes it's just not convenient for me to be at the computer.

I have been searching threads for some good books to purchase to get me started on my educational journey. And I have chose a few on amazon.com, but wanted some advice from you guys before I purchase them. I have a $25 gift certificate that is burning a hole in my pocket, so I figure what better way to spend it.

Here are the ones I have picked out, if there is out there for beginners that is better that I have missed please let me know.

Alicia Grosso


2.The Everything Soapmaking Book: Recipes and Techniques for Creating

Colorful and Fragrant Soaps(Everything Sports and Hobbies)

Susan Cavitch

1.The Natural Soap Book:Making Herbal and Vegetable-Based Soaps

2.Soapmaker's Companion:A Comprehensive Guide With Recipes, Techniques

& Know-How(Natural Body Series-The Natural Way to Enhance Your Life)



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Is this the same book?

Soap Naturally(Ingredients, Methods and Recipes for Natural Homemade Soap)

Programmer Publishing, Ltd. Australia


There's no Author listed, just wanted to make sure it was the same as you had mentioned.



Yes, but it doesn't cost $80. You can get it from Ann Lee for $26.


I refer to it and this forum all the time. And because I work in the library, remember your local library is a great source to go to before you buy any books!:grin2:

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:yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay:

Boy did I just get a heck of a deal! I'm so excited I can hardly hold it in.

I just ordered 5 soapmaking books from amazon.com for a grand total of $6.36

I got the four I had listed in my original post plus the one by Anne L Watson. I had a $25.00 gift certificate, plus I was approved for an amazon.com visa card with a $30.00 instant credit on my first purchase plus my order qualified for free super saver shipping.

Is it Christmas already?

Now I can order soap naturally from annelees and still have less than $50 invested.

Now I just hope I can understand the method of making soap, I don't want to have to list these back on amazon.com in 6 or 8 months. Wish me luck guys. Looks like I've got plenty of reading material on the way.


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Here are more books for you:)

Soap--Making it,Enjoying it--Ann Bramson (1 of the first books published in the 70's, many consider it the "bible" of soapers.

The complete soapmaker--Norma coney--love this one, use this one a lot

Handcrafted Soap--Delores Boone--another great book--very clearly illustrates the hot process method of soap making.

My local library didn't have any books on soapmaking, so I researched on the net--Alibris and Amazon have a great used book section and I got mine really cheap:yay:

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