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Lip Balm Questions


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It may take a day or two for the scent to kick in. When I made my first batch from Lindsay's (Soaper's Workshop) mac & jojoba lip balm kit, I could barely smell the flavor oil (Pomegranate) after I'd finished pouring. I thought I hadn't used enough.

48 hours later.... WHOA! My friend used some while sitting in the back seat of my car, and I smelled him smearing it on before I saw it.

Give it some time, if the scent still doesn't pop, then you can consider upping it slightly for the next batch. Some flavor oils are weaker, some are really strong. I love Lindsay's... that Pomegranate flavor oil I mentioned... only used it at 1% and it's... wow! I'm actually considering lowering it to about 0.7%, or even 0.5% for the next batch. Some flavor oils you may need to use at 2% to get a good kick.

As for taste, flavor oils don't really have flavor. They're basically lip-safe fragrance oils. You can add a sweetener like Sugar Kisses from MMS or honey or stevia powder or use a pre-sweetened flavor oil.

Smell and taste are connected, so the theory is that when you add a sweetener you're tricking your mind into thinking that you're tasting the flavor, even though it's just flavor oil and sweetener.

Hope this helps!

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