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square votive molds

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I just got these from Candlewic and they're just awesome! Anyhow, does anyone happen to know how much wax I'd need to melt in order to fill 8 of these? I've used the standard 15 hour votive molds before and to get 8 I melt 1 lb of wax. When I do so with the square ones, I get 5 full ones if I want to be able to have a little for a re-pour (I'm using palm wax). I don't want to waste any wax, so this has been a bit of a bother for me.

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Well, I may have been spoiled in the fact that the place I got my containers from before told me how much wax would fit into so many molds. I didn't get that luxury this time with this set unfortunately. I think I found somewhere else they were 3.2 oz each. Does that sound right?

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