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cut and curl question


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I am attempting to make cut and curl candles. I am using 1343A wax from peake candles. No additives. First, my dye is not clinging to the candles when dipped. I made a star candle with plain wax no color. What tempurature should the hot wax be? What tempurature should the water dip be? Also, my curls are breaking. Is there some type of additive that needs to be added to my wax to increase its elasticity? Does anyone have general instructions for someone who is interested in this as purely a hobby? What type of wax, additives, tempuratures, dyes, etc? I really could use some help and would really like to pursue this for fun.:confused:

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I checked there web addy,I see that what your using can be used for Cut & curl.I carve candles,after a lot of trial and errors,I finally found a wax that works excellent for carves. A candle Wizard showed me the light :) Candle Wics 4045EP With there BC Pigment Dyes,and there CM Pigment dyes.There made for Carves.

It seems to me that your wax maybe,wasn't hot enough that will cause the curls to break,separate.If the wax is too hot the colors will just run off not adhere.Some dyes shouldn't be used for dipping.

Make the core candles using the exact same wax that you intend to dip into your colors. You will need to make your wicks longer,to hold your core while dipping,and long enough to hang up while carving.You won't need any special additives for that wax,just melt and dip.I usually melt the wax to 150 degrees,too hot it will run off,too cold it will harden faster,Temperature and Timing is everything with Carves.The water dip should be cool,not hot,room temp is fine.Dipping the core into the white pigment first for about 30 secs,Softens up the core candle making it more pliable when you make the cuts.Keep pushpins within reach,poke out any air pockets that show up asap.Wipe off excess water with a paper towel. Working quickly between the dips,water,From then on it's your choice,the more dips you do in a certain color will make the bands larger or smaller.

I hope I haven't confused you,I think better then I type ;)

It does take a lot of practice and patience,I'm sure you'll do just fine :)

Best of luck to you.


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