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Supplier charging ME tax for WI?


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Not sure anyone can help me but here goes.

I just bought some stuff from Bittercreek in Wisconsin. I paid with my credit card and gave MY address as the purchaser. However I told them I wanted it shipped to someone else who lives in Wisconsin.

Now - if a RESIDENT of Wisconsin buys from these people, then they have to pay 5% tax but i'm not a resident of Wisconsin so don't have to pay the charge. As far as I'm concerned, i'm buying the product, I am not resident of wisconsin and therefore my money is not subject to this tax. Tax is based upon the where the money is earned and comes from if I remember rightly?

The last time I went to Canada I got ALL my tax back that I paid on products and services, even though some of those products and services were used right in the province where I bought them - because the money I used to pay for those items was not generated or earned or taxed in Canada, because I live in the UK.

So why are these suppliers telling me that I have to pay their 5% tax because I'm having my items sent to a Wisconsin address???

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