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My First Soaps


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I am new, but already so addicted to soapmaking and so inspired by everyone here that shares their knowledge and their photos. I plan to inundate my family and friends with this stuff! My grandchildren will never use store-bought soap again.:yay:

First ones are my very first attempts. Orange-Spice and Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, both made with all veggie oils.

Then I tried a lard bar and made it CPHP. So far it's my favorite. It's not the prettiest but I love how it feels. It was Blackberry-Sage.

Then I did a Yuzu bar and added calendula petals.

Last one is one I just did. It's Chocolate-Vanilla-Orange. The middle layer has turned a caramel color since I took the photo.

I have so many more ideas for things I want to try.





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Wow...those look awesome, love the first ones you did, they were a lot more than an attempt :) BTW, when you cut soap thas petals or seeds on top turnt the loaf over on its top and cut from the bottom then you won't get runners in your soap. Trust me, I learned the hard way...


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Thank you all for your kind words. Honestly I almost have as much fun taking the photos as I do making the soaps, but then photography is my first passion.

I think one of the reasons this is so much fun for me is because I have such a large family that I can share this with. My cured soaps have been disappearing and it's because my husband is giving them away. He's been off work after having shoulder surgery and has made me a couple of molds already, so he's gotten involved. Then my grandkids come over and my granddaughters fill a plastic baggy with soap before they leave. I'm turning them into little soap 'snobs'.

Thanks again.

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Gorgeous soaps, and beautiful photography!

The yuzu soaps actually look like yummy slices of cake... I just had dinner without dessert, and that pic made me think of banana walnut bread...

The chocolate-vanilla-orange one is my favorite of the lot. The pearly mica on top adds a very nice touch!

I have to agree with the others, they don't look like first-time soaps at all!

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I'm doing Eugenia's soap class this weekend. I was just hoping for usable soap. Your 1st attempts are awesome. And your photos are terrific.

A soap newbie question. The pretty soaps with petals, seeds etc on top - don't they clog the tub drain? Can you tell I know nothing about hand made soaps? LOL

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