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Renaming Home for the Holidays


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I'm having a difficult time coming up with a good name for this one. I don't expect anyone to give me the name they use but if anyone has any ideas on this that they don't mind sharing, please give me your feedback. This has not been a great seller for me and I think it is my crummy names. :laugh2:


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What's wrong with "Home For The Holidays"? What kind of feel does it evoke for you? What does it make you think of?


"Home for the Holidays" is trademarked by Yankee Candle so I can't use it. Sure wish I could because it is just perfect for the scent. Thanks to everyone who posted their ideas!

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The FO manufacturers do, and I thought lots of us chandlers were keeping the names too? Don't you just add the word 'type' at the end?

Well, I know that the suppliers do that but I thought I read on this board that a chandler cannot do it. Do you know for sure if a chandler can do that or does anyone else out there know for sure? I don't want a C&D from Yankee!

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