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Feeling stupid tonight-question for all the CPers


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Is there anything else that can substitute for coconut oil?

I know that the coconut gives soap it's cleansing quality, but surely there has to be something else? Yes? No?

I really feel like making some soap tonight, but I don't have any coconut oil.


I tried plugging some oils/butters into the soap calc. but no matter what percentages I tried etc. I could never get the cleansing to change from 0. :(

I have a recipe here that I got off the dish, and it doesn't have any coconut oil in it, but then when I plug it in the calc. it doesn't show any cleansing or bubbly lather either.

I mean it HAS to have some type of cleansing quality to it right? What kind of soap would it be if it didn't cleanse?

Dang it, really wishing I could get some locally. :(

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Are you talking Coconut 76'?

They do have it at Walmart, but only in the Super Centers around here.

Coconut 76' traditionally gives you bubbles and a hard bar.

You can add PKO, Palm oil or tallow to get the same properties. Lard makes a hard bar, but doesn't give you bubbles.

I've got about 30 lbs of Coconut 76' in my shop, but you don't live close to me. The trick is, you have to scoop it out of the bucket. LOL! If you have any Babassu oil, that would work in a pinch.

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Acceptable subs (for me) for coconut are pko or babassu. They have somewhat similar fatty acid profiles so the properties they give to soap are similar.

I agree with AJ. I use PKO when I don't have CO. And of course I always rerun the recipe threw the lye calculator just to double check the lye amounts.

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Thanks for the advice on using PKO as a sub for coconut-I do have some of that-never used it, I guess b/c I always used the Coconut oil.

I have some babassu coming soon, so I'll get to try that for the first time also.

:whoohoo: I can make soap today! :D

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