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which m&p need quick response


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I finally used up my huge block of clear m&p soap that I bought a few years ago from where I don't even remember. I'm letting my daughter do a melt and pour birthday party and I need to order some more. I was going to go with the extra clear from WSP and order the 1 case to make it cheaper, but I hate having to cut apart that big block and weigh over and over again. I could go with the 2lb. tray which would be easier but does anyone know if the clear m&p from candlesandsupplies is any good. I love how they have the 1 oz. blocks individually scored. I think I used their bases many years ago but can't remember how they were and I'm sure they've probably changed by now. Any quick response would be greatly appreciated as I need to get this ordered and delivered in time for the party on Nov. 4th


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Thanks. I think Candles and Supplies is about the same distance just East of me instead of West..I order from both places and shipping is comparable. I'm trying to avoid all the cutting as time is what I don't have. I was hoping someone could tell me if the base from Candles and Supplies will be comparible to the WSP. With working 4 days a week and basketball practice starting next week for both kids (different practice times) and Halloween and getting costumes done...UGH! I love the flip flop molds but we're making a rectangle bar with a small toy embed....daughter's request. We're also making bath poufs with tulle and maybe some fizzies. We're making a punch using blue raspberry cream soda and vanilla icecream and I'm going to buy princess rubber ducks to float on top of the punch. I can't wait. It will be a lot of fun.

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