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What would you think about this


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I know that their is a thread similar but it's a little different.

My mom went into a local craft store, they have the most amazing stuff and it smells awesome in there. They sell yankme there.

Anyways, my mom was in there looking for props so we can take pictures of my candles to put on my site. The lady asked if she needed help and my mom told her what she was doing.

The lady told my mom that they are always looking for new stuff to add to the store and that I should drop off or mail a packet to them. My mom was excited and hurried up and called me to tell me to get my packet and samples ready.

Well when my mom was still browsing the store, the lady kept asking her about my candles. She was asking what temp. do I put my FO in my wax. Specifically what type of wax and where do I get from. Where do I buy my FO's from, etc.........

My mom politly told her several times that she doesn't have a clue on how I make my candles.

It wasn't the store owner, it was a worker there that has worked there for several yrs.

What would you think??

I'm sending a packet out Monday morning with some Melt samples and a Container. But I'm still puzzled on why this women wanted to know everything.

Mindy :confused:

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Its one thing to answer a question about the general type of wax you use; i.e.; palm, soy, parrafin, etc. But its none of her business who your suppliers are, what brand or number wax you use, the exact fragrance you use, etc.

I would smile and answer general questions to let them know something about your product. Its good to be enthusiastic and proud of your products. But don't give out proprietary info you worked so hard on. Its no ones business but yours and anybody says different they are being nosy.

Congrats! I hope this works out into an account with the store for you!

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