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11 oz. tumbler

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I use square braid wicking. I have a 5oz tumbler that I use #1/0 in and get a full melt pool. I just got in tumblers that hold 11oz of soy and put in #2 sqaure braid in. I just poured it wednesday night, so i want it to cure a few days before I burn it, but am confident that it will perform well. The square braid really is the best for soy because of how many fibers are in it. I get it from Pourette or Glory Bee Foods.

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I use an 11oz frosted tumbler, and the best wick I found that made the candle last the longest, and would melt across to the edge in 2 hours or so with a 1/2 inch wick length are the Zinc-cored wicks. They are not aggressively hot wicks, and no more than the usual trimming is required. I also use a low melt-point wax, but that does mean that I have to use a slightly higher FO load. Fair trade, as far as I am concerned. I have tried so many different wicks except for the 700 series and the HTP's, and I plan on trying them soon, bet so far these are the best for what I am doing. In my two years of chandlery, I have only had one person shrivel up at the sight of a metal-cored wick, and I think that was a competitor at the show who needed an ego boost.

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