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Good rename for Misbehaivin'?


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I can't even get people to open this candle... I know I live in the Bible Belt and that most of my shoppers are church-goers, but this scent is fab and no one ever gets to smell it! What is a good rename?

Scent description: Candied apple and pomegranate with oakmoss and ivy...

It's fresh and sweet and green all at the same time...


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Isn't there some kind of on going joke about naughty little Altar boys or ... something???? You could call it Altar boy.

Ok.. nevermind.

How bout 'Temptations'?

Then there's 'Ms. B. Haven' (sometimes I tickle myself:p )

I like the Eden idea.

I like that one ms b haven....sorry don't mean to hijack.

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