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Who Sells The Best M&P Goats Milk Soap Base


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I'm pretty sure The Gourmet Rose's soaps are SFIC soaps, her descriptions of them is word for word the same as the SFIC site. That's not a bad thing, I love her soaps but that is just to say several other places carry the same soap base, such as Peak. I love that they are natural soap bases and lather like crazy. I do find some of them have an alcoholish scent to them but it's not in the finished soap, it just wouldn't work well for an unscented soap. I tried NG's GM but wasn't too impressed, nothing special, not many bubbles and not a natural base (lots of added ingredients I would rather do without). HTH!


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I agree with lifelace in that I think SFIC's bases are the best with the least amount of synthetic ingredients.

I use their basic white and clear bases, and just add whatever I want (butters, oils, clays, exfoliants, etc).

You can find out about them here:


The two suppliers that I know sell this brand are www.peakcandles.com and www.wisterialane.com I'm sure there are others but those are the only places I know.

Good luck and have fun!

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