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M&P Soap Problem - Anyone familiar with this?


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Hello all, I was referred by someone on another soap forum as she thought someone might know why this is happening to some of my soaps!

I work with M&P soap and have been making it for over a year now without any problems until more recently.

On some of my bars, that have been wrapped and sitting on a shelf in a cool/dark room, I noticed there are tiny holes forming on the top and sides with dry areas over the top and sides. It's lost its sheen and just looks bad. I've contacted the manufacturer of the soap and sent pictures but they still don't know what's causing it - they said they think it's just cosmetic and not to worry. I've asked in other forums and no one seems to know what it is or what is causing it. I wish I knew so I can possibly avoid doing or not doing something that's making only SOME of the soaps have this happen. This is happening to both colored and uncolored soaps - soaps scented with FO or EO. I'm using high quality natural goats milk soap base and as I said I never had this problem before. I even have a few soaps that I made from over a year ago that look as good as the day I made them, so it's really strange to me.

Has anyone heard of this or had this happen and what might be the cause?

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I was thinking drying out as well. Jbren's explanation makes a lot of sense... path of least resistence kind of thing.

As to WHY....it could be that the ones that are doing it were the end of the pour- so more moisture was able to excape in the heating process. It could be an FO or EO with a smidge more alcohol maybe- adding to the drying out process. You might be keeping it too hot. Are you using a double boiler or micro? Do you keep the base covered as it is heating? Also, I'm not sure, but logically, it seems if you are adding water to your base in any way, that would make that happen over time. Water evaporates and M&P tends to shrink over time no matter what. I'm not sure wrapped soaps are immune to that since they aren't usually 'air tight'.

The thing to look for would be A: were the soaps all made from the same batch of base (block) - could have been the batch and not you at all B: in the same season/time frame- weather conditions affect your ambient surroundings and thus the products in them more than one would think. Although only 'some' were affected, it would only mean that 'some' were more suseptible and/or exposed just right :rolleyes2 And you may never know, lol. Just keep an eye on your temps and cross your fingers. :)

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it COULD be that they had some air bubbles and as the soap dried out, the bubbles broke and left the little holes.

That's exactly what I was thinking!

I've never had this happen though and it's really hard to KNOW what it is without actually seeing it, but that would be my best guess.

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