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candle newbie..using C3


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Hi all, I hope I'm not too long winded as this is the first time posting here.

I started making candles (C-3) exactly 8 days now, 8 oz's at a time :) . Taking it very slow. Thank you for the great info. I tend to do alot of homework before getting to excited about a new hobby. (and yes that-girl, very addicting already)

Thank you Carebare for your warm welcome.

The first 2 scents, honeysuckle & sandlewood (lonestar) had no HT at all. LOL, I know I did it all wrong and the sandlewood you can hardly even smell out the bottle. Oh well my loss, newbie that ordered 8 oz's each.

Since then, I ordered a sample pk of lonestar yankee scents and a sample pk from snowtop. AND then I found this forum, ty ty ty ty :yay: . I will try some peak scents after I test what I have.

Saturday, I tried the honeysuckle again, 6% FO, 170, poured @ 143, eco6.......I can get a HT in bathroom now, I will wick up to eco8 next time.

Sunday, OMG Rose Bouquet (snowtop). I've always loved a good rose scent. 6% FO, 170, poured @ 140, eco8

Yesterday I tested the rose for HT I was pretty happy with it, there was actually a HT, hehehehe... I will try a bit more FO next time.

Since then, I have poured Cactus & Sea Salt (ICS), Clean Cotton (LS) very smooth top and tonight, Caramel & Nut Cluster (ST), very strong by the way.

I will test these after 48 hr cure time.

I touched base with wickit.net (thx to post) and they are sending me samples of wicks for me to test with my C-3. I have been using the ECO's.


C-3 specs say that 6% FO is typical and higher amounts could be achievable with additives. I am using no color right now and no additives. I would like to use a bit more FO on the rose bouquet for example, do I need to add something else to my wax? Do I need to order additives for future??

:( I havent seen any info on lids, LOL, plz don't laugh. When do you cover your candles?

Ok then, that's it for now. I wanted to tell you a bit about myself. I sure have learned alot here and hope to learn a bunch more.

thx in advance from S Louisiana,

;) Zuly

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Welcome, Zuly! Sounds like you are from my neck of the woods!:)

Eggzackery 8 days ago, eh?:laugh2: You sound like you have been majorly bitten by the bug!:yay:

The first 2 scents, honeysuckle & sandlewood (lonestar) had no HT at all. LOL, I know I did it all wrong and the sandlewood you can hardly even smell out the bottle.
My first reaction is to say try not to totally judge the OOB throw, especially with sandlewood... and also, it is a fragrance that deepens as it cures. Do you know about candle nose? The more you have been exposed to a certain fragrance, the more "dull" your nose becomes to it for a while, especially after pouring...
Do I need to order additives for future??
My opinion is that if you don't get a satisfactory throw from 1 oz. per pound, try another supplier or another wick rather than add more FO. I also think that FO causes many aggravations with soy wax, just as dye does, so from that standpoint, less is better. Having said that, I use Universal Soy Additive (from JBN) which I think improves C3 in several ways - smoother tops & consistancy, better throw and less frosting.
When do you cover your candles?
Usually within 12-24 hours after pouring. If the candle is even slightly warm when you cover it, strange and terrible things can happen to the top of the candle. Let 'em get good and cool before putting on the tops.

Have fun!! :)

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ty'all for the replies

Today I will order USA and try to test the Fo's again. I will definitely cure sandlewood much longer. The others that I am happy with I will let cure for at least a week then longer for better results. I'm in no rush.

thx neighbor for your input. How much USA do add pp, eh? :undecided

Majorly bitten by the bayou bug,

aaaaaaeeeeeeeee, :yay:


PS my left hand still smells like Caramel & Nut Clusters from last night, can't seem to wash it off, LOL, very strong FO

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Hi Zuly, Good luck with all your testing, it sounds like you're off to a good start. I too use c-3 which has proven to be challenging, though now that we worked out all the kinks is a nice wax that we like. I have never used the rose fo that you mentioned, but I will tell you that we use Peak's Rose Bouquet and only use 1/2 an oz per lb of wax and it blows you away. It has a very true rose smell, not like rose potpourri, if you know what I mean.

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