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Really nervous about an upcoming craft fair on the 27th. Am getting inventory and such ready and making my price sheets, etc. I have read the link above on craft fairs and taken notes, but are there any suggestions anyone would like to throw out for this time of year? Any scents you suggest taking? i feel I have a wide variety of fragrances but I'm sure they'll want something I don't have. The event is at a church so I won't be taking my candles that are already labeled Sex on the beach, etc because that wouldn't appear to be appropriate. Any other suggestions? it is a one day five hour event/fundraiser for the church. The church is having a BBQ and then the craft items. I DO NOT have to share my proceeds, etc with the church. The crafters are just there to draw more of the public as well. Would also like to know how you add height when you don't have shelving right now. Anyway, I'd appreciate anything anyone wants to throw out to help me. I've also done the following to prepare

1. made a price list

2. labeled all inventory and taken an inventory list

3. bought a nice table cloth cover at a yard sale (it's white though so that may be a problem)

4. bought a change/fanny pack

Anything else......?????????advise?????????TIA

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Hi! I'm always nervous and I've been doing shows for years. What you have is a great start. I take an inventory list, cash box with 50.00 in change and small bills, calculator, tape, glue stick, pens, pencils, makers. I know I'm going to forget something. lol. I made a tablecloth out of Christmas homespun and I layer it with a hunter green sheet. I use taped and covered study boxes for height as I am too cheap to buy displays. I do bring a large bakers rack in the truck for my votive set-up. I also put some bakery candles on it. Bring an extension cord if you need electric. I set up a nice strand of lights around my table, but nothing else, because you don't want to distract from your products!

I hope this helps a bit. :)

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