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Oh you Gember peeps!


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Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I love this (well OOB lol), but it's going into wax very, very, very fast. My question is whether to pour it at 1 oz pp (which I don't mind the strength) or do you find this oil to be excessively strong and pour less?

I don't believe I will be offering this one up anytime soon lol!

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Uh huh. What'd we tell you? Huh? Huh?

I was hosing myself down with that stuff just a few minutes ago. I made TWO body sprays; one to keep at home and one to take to work. They're light though, so I promise I'm not running anyone out of the office even though I marinate in the stuff.


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Made the mistake of letting others at work sniff and damn near didn't get the bottle back. I'll enjoy playing. Reminds me of gingerbread with a lacing of vanilla and sweetened with red hots. I'm sure I'm probably missing other scents, but it's definitely a bottle no one but me can touch in these parts lol.

BTW, thank you muchly for the turn on.

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Well look at wicking up on this one if you're doing candles. Wicked thrower IMO! 1 oz pp, burning zinc in regular paraffin.

BTW ... how's this pronounced? Phonetic spelling would be great lol!

Is it Gem ber tarts

Gim ber tarts

Him ber tarts

Or something else?

hahaha... I have no clue... I choose option number 1!

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