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Fragrance Category Suggestions Please!


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Hi All

Am doing an FO inventory and think I need to split my oils out into an additional category.

I already have Fruits, Citrus, Floral, Bakery, Beverages, Fresh & Clean, Nature

but I have some oils that just don't fit into those categories.

The oils are:

Asian Amber

White Ginger & Amber

Jack Frost (i know, vanilla & peppermint but it's not really bakery?)

Sandalwood & Bee Blossom

Riceflower & Shea

Amber Seduction



Calm Down


Black Love

Cinnamon & Sandalwood

Black Canyon

Amber Vanilla

The above are all just smooth fragrances that are not foody, not floral, not fresh but not aromatherapy either. If you can think of a name for the category that these oils can sit in I would be grateful. The name is to encompass everything that is warm, soothing, soft, gentle and soft about these oil as there really isn't any "kick" of fruit or bakery or floral in them

I was thinking "musks and spices" but these oils are not really spicy either and the definition of "musk" is debatable. I've been racking my brain for other category names and come up with nada.

Help please???

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Muskellaneous? :)

Lmbo! :laugh2: Cute. Very cute.

I was going to say say a combined category of Warm/spice or maybe Warm/spice/seasonal :confused: Orr... Warm/ Spice( or Resins maybe?) /Woods and Cool/mint/Ozone

Sometimes 'spice' might not be the obvious part of the FO but it's there and has a lot to do with it's character. For instance I'm pretty sure the reason Asian Amber is called Asian at all is because of the inclusion of Asian influenced 'spiceS'... not neccessarilly meaning 'spiceY'. Kwim? But Amber is almost more of a resin isn't it? I dunno. Lol, I tried to help!

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I put on my brochures: Year Around Scents Fall/Christmas Scents Spring/Summer Scents I do this because I am always changing my scents.

That's a really good idea! Right now I do what I call a "regular line" which I just put the scent descriptions in alphabetical order then I have a "limited edition" line that's pretty much everything else. I dont have a huge amount of scents I have tested and am happy with just yet, so eventually I will need to better organize it and I like the way you did yours.

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