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does anyone know if


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:confused: Hi everyone

i have a ton of differn't color taper candles that have no scent, some are colored but mostly there white.

I dont know what kind of wax it is other then its a hard wax:rolleyes2 . I know i can reuse these for firestarters,ect. but is there anyway i can make votives with these if i add a addtitve for them to be able to hold a scent...Im assuming that its straight parrafin and there was no need to add additives when the company made them since they are suppose to be unscented.

I hope that was worded right. Anyway if someone know whats i can do with them please let me know. My firestarters isn't a #1 seller so i would hate to save all these tapers strictly for that reason if i can add something to them to make votives or something:confused:

I know im not giving alot of info on them but maybe someone can tell me something

Thank you

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