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liquid hand soap


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Anyone else do this? I buy the unscented hand soap at wally world and scent and color to use for myself. I love the variety of colors and fragrances i can have.

I've thought about selling this. Would there be any reason that I should not do this? Wouldn't it be just like buying a base from somewhere else? Am I the only one that does this or thought of selling it?



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Bases are made for resale. Usually the supplier somewhere on their site will state that the items are available for personal or resale, if nothing else, you should always be able to ask and be supplied with a document stating this from legal suppliers.

Wal-Mart doesn't have that. Sam's club does on some things, but you will still see "Not for individual resale" or "packaged for individual resale". Sam's does it because they are understood to be a supply warehouse. Wal-Mart is not.

I also don't know which brand of unscented soap is used, but say it was Dial or something - it could also lead to a legal resale issue. That's HIGHLY unlikely, but possible. There are some companies that go crazy over resale of products that are sold in consumer stores. You can't take a bottle of perfume from the store, add your own label and resell it legally. ETA: And if there were something that went wrong with the resale of Dial soap - the liability falls solely on the person who resold it, whereas suppliers can't be held responsible. Without knowing what's in or what happened to a product and someone were to chemically burn themselves, you cannot name the original manufacturer in the suit.

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