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What causes a Fuel smell???

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Try a drop or 2 of vanilla in the citrusy sents, and also works for straight peppermint. (thank you candletech!!!):rolleyes2


WOW, I have knocked a few "fruity" scents off of our list due to the fuel scent...I am going to have to try the vanilla trick!


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Have you had anyone else test the candle & give you a review? We all have different scent receptors & what you smell as lemon (random example) isn't what everyone smells as lemon. What you actually smell depends on how varied your ability to pick out high, low or mid notes that make up a fo & you can't change that. I've sold several scents that I don't like or just don't smell 'right' to me, but they sell well & other people like them. What scent are you questioning?


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I have a pumpkin pie fragrance and it smells like fuel or rubbing alcohol or something... So I mixed it with pumpkin harvest and it smells just like pumpkin pie. I couldn't believe it. I have sold out of this candle scent in all my stores and I can't make enough. So it worked adding something spicier to get rid of the fuel smell for me anyway...

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One of my favorite FO OOB and in Tarts is Cranberry Marmalade. But when I burned it in a candle and got that fuel smell, it was a big disappointment. I never tried the vanilla trick. Will have to do that. I've been avoiding that FO in candles and it's really a shame because it's a terrific fragrance.

Thanks for the vanilla tip!


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