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Anyone with IT knowledge who can help me with USPS Webtools?


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I just registered for this service on USPS after a tip from a fellow member. I received the email and I have to do some tests before I can go live. It is very technical and I am not sure how to do it. I use Dreamweaver 8 for my website. The functionality I am looking for is to base shipping by weight and zip, so my customers can simply enter their order and have shipping added.

I found out about this from another thread about Zencart. I don't use Zencart at the moment, but am curious about how the two would be integrated- would I need to run the tests if I used Zencart, or would the application do it for me?



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Honestly I never ran the tests. I got my id from USPS for the API tools then e-mailed them right away to get it set up for active use.

Then I and entered it into the zencart admin settings for the "United States Postal Service" module and set the server setting to "production"

As long as every item has a weight entered in the product information you should be fine. If you don't enter a weight in for an item the shipping calculator will assume it has NO WEIGHT so be careful to make sure they all have a weight assigned.

All weights are in pounds. For example, an item weighing 12 oz. would be:

Products Shipping Weight: pixel_trans.gif .75

Hope that helps. I'll try to help a bit more if questions come up as I know it can be quite a headache if you haven't worked with this before.


Below is what my settings look like for the shipping module:

United States Postal Service

You will need to have registered a Web Tools account with USPS at their website to use this module.

USPS expects you to use pounds as weight measure for your products.

Enable USPS Shipping


Enter the USPS Web Tools User ID


Which server to use


Handling Fee


Tax Class

Taxable Goods

Tax Basis


Shipping Zone


Sort Order


All Packages are Machinable


USPS Options

Display weight, Display transit time

Domestic Shipping Methods


International Shipping Methods

Priority Mail International, Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Box

Debug Mode


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