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Must haves for B&B..


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You don't HAVE to make an emulsified scrub, although I prefer them that way. ;)

I use cetyl alcohol



These are some of the oils & butters I use, but not all at once, I just change it up from time to time:

shea butter

cocoa butter

castor oil

olive oil

grapeseed oil


Avocado Oil

white sugar

turbinado sugar


I believe that there are some recipes in the recipe section. :)

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Although I add one, I don't believe salt scrubs require a preservative, since salt is already a natural preservative. I, too, prefer the emulsified scrubs. I use a shea butter base with some jojoba oil. The ratio I use is equal parts oils/butters to equal part salt (or sugar). Scrubs are used for exfoliating dead skin cells and softening the skin. Take care not to slip in the tub or shower.

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