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storing palm wax candles

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Anybody know what is the lowest temp that you can store made palm candles? (both pillar and jar) I am storing mine outside in an enclosed canopy. Maryland can have it's cold seasons down to below freezing.

Also if I pour them outside, I know it will harden faster, but will that take away from the starburst or feathering effect? Thanks for your help.

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I have no idea about how the cold will affect the candles, so no answer for you there. I do know that if you are pouring the candles outside in cold weather it will be more difficult to keep your containers/molds warm enough. If the containers/molds are too cool, the hot wax will harden instantly when it hits the glass/metal and you'll lose the cool crystal effect. You'll just have to make sure everything stays hot enough (wax, molds etc..) which could be possible although definitely more difficult.

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