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Wicking Up and FO's


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We've all done various testing for our waxes, containers, wicks, FO's, combinations. I'm curious about other folks experience and how it compares to mine on this particular subject: How FO's affect wick selection.

As you look at your FO's on the shelf, you'll notice some are very light in color, others are very dark. If we assume, for purposes of this discussion, that all FO's are sold by weight (not volume), I notice that the darker my FO's get, the heavier they are - as evidenced by the lower volume of the FO in comparable containers. For example, a new 2lb bottle of my Lavender FO (clear), is full to the brim, while my new 2lb bottle of Birthday Cake (very dark) is nowhere near the top of the same type of container.

This observation leads me to the conclusion that the darker the FO, the more dense it is. I have not yet looked into how the viscosity relates to all this so for now I'll stick with talking about density.

In going back through my notes, it seems that the darker (more dense) the FO, the more I have to wick up from my baseline. Baseline for this purpose is the wick I need to get a proper burn in the same container but with just the plain wax, no additives, FO, etc.

Forget for a moment that the same scent from different manufacturers can look totally different in the bottle, does everyone else notice this same trend, or is it just me?

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