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problems need advice..


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I got this recipe on millers soap site and gave it a try:

24 oz canola

18 oz coconut

6 oz cocoa butter

6 oz castor

16 oz olive

9.8 olive

22 oz water

5 oz bergamot and ginger FO

water lye temp were 90 degrees(got sidetracked)

I read that citrus oils slow down curing.

i usually peek in on my soap after 8 or so hrs, and when i did it was not as hot as it usually is. did this last nite and this morning it was still soft. was able to come out of the mold but i cuts like fudge soft fudge. I never had soap this soft before. I hope its not ruined, cause thats a lot of product to waste. any sugestions. please tell me it will be ok:confused: And if there is any thing i can do to save it if its not ok.

thanks tracy

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I'm guessing the 2nd 9.8 Olive was meant to be your lye. That's how it came out in the caculator I plugged it into...

You've got a high percentage of castor, which makes a softer soap. The water looks high to me as well, as did the EO blend. I've never soaped with Canola, but i've heard it makes a softer soap. Olive Oil makes a hard bar, but only with time and a long cure. Your hard oils are on the lighter side as well, only about 34%. Mine is usually around 50%.

Put all together, that could give you a softer soap. Hopefully it'll harden up.

I've never heard of citrus EOs slowing curing. My experience is they will often slow trace, but that's different.

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yes the 2nd olive is lye..

maybe thats what i read, slowing trace...

I made 2 logs, the first one i took out and cut this morning was soft.

i just took out the 2nd log and it was starting to gel..

maybe i should of left them in the mold longer.

this was an exact recipe from the latherings board entitled sherrys fantastic soap. i just followed it exactly.

i hope it hardens too!

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