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cracks in the top

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I am trying to make soy containers. I poured several and the first one turned out great. The next ones had cracks in them around the wick. What happened? Also I made the middle one last night and lit it about 11 am this morning and just now blowed it out and this is all that burned down in it. Is that good? It burned down evenly all the way around and the house smells so good. My husband thought it was still burning.


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I would need to see what you are calling "cracks" around the wick. There are small cracks from where the wax adheres to the wick and cracks as it contracts, and much larger cracks...

You did not mention what kind of wax you are using, the FOs or additives, the melting temperature or the pouring temperature.

As for your "burn test," I don't know what size/kind of wick you are using. According to my math, it has burned for 10 hours, is that correct? That's a little long for a test as it should have been extinguished after 3-4 hours to evaluate the melt pool, etc. Powerburning has its place, but to determine wicking, scent throw and other aspects of candle burns, a 10 hour first test period is too long.

It is best to allow newly poured candles alone for the first day or two after they have been poured - the newly formed wax crystals are still hardening and you may not get accurate results on your testing if you burn so quickly after they are made.

Back up a little and do some reading here on the veggie wax forum to learn more! Good luck! :)

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